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Now I'm looking at find my past website again, to look at records and see how they link to the Baggots of the previous entry of mine about prisoners!!

In 1852 a John Baggot leases land in Douglas, Parish of Carrigaline, Cork.

In 1852 Frank Baggot leases offices and yard in Ardfinnan, Barony of Iffa and Offa West, Union of Clogheen, in County Tipperary. Leased from James Prendergast.

Miss Baggot leases house, land and office in Leeson Street in 1847, listed as townland of Ranelagh North, parish of St. Peter's, barony of Uppercross, union of South Dublin. Leased from Robert Chambers, esq.

Michael Baggot leases house and land in townland of Castletogher, parish of Templetogher, barony of Ballymoe, Union of Glenamaddy, Galway, in 1856.

Francis Baggot leases land, house and garden in townland of Liskea, parish of Templetogher, Galway, in 1856.
Brigid Baggot leases land in the townland of Monasterowen, parish of Templetogher, Galway, in 1856, and house and land in townland of Pollaneyster, parish of Templetogher, Galway.

'Widow' Baggot leases land in 1856 in townland of Springfield, Templetogher, barony of Ballymoe, Galway.

James Baggot leases land, house and garden in 1856 in townland of Island, East, in Templetogher.

John Baggot leases house and land from Allen Pollock in townland of Ussey, parish of Ballynakill, Barony of Ballymoe, Galway, in 1856, and from St. Christopher Bellew, leases bog, in townland of Clooncallaga, parish of Moylough, barony of Tiaquin, Union of Mountbellew, Galway, and a herdshouse in townland of Marlay, parish of Moylough, and leases land there to Michael Alley.

Catherine Baggot leases part of a house in townland of Robertstown, West, parish of Kilmeague, Barony of Connell, Union of Naas, in County Kildare, in 1853 and the other half is leased by Patrick Murray, from Matthew Archbold.
Catherine Baggot leases a house from Edward Orange in 1851 in townland of Kilmalogue, parish of Clonyhurk, Barony of Philipstown Upper, Union of Mountmellick, County Offaly.

Lawrence Baggot leases a house from Lawrence Flood, in 1853, in townland of Donore, parish of Carragh, barony of Clane, Union of Naas, Co. Kildare.

Edward Baggot leases land to John Beirne in 1853, in the townland of Carn, and townland of Churchland East, West and South, parish of Carn, barony of Offaly East, union of Naas, in County Kildare. He leases to Dennis Toole in 1853 and to Thomas Grady lands, office and houses in townland of Emlagher, parish of Carn.

John Baggot leases land off the Duke of Leinster in townland of Maddenstown South, parish of Ballysax, Barony of Offaly East, Union of Naas, County Kildare, in 1853.

Charles Baggot leases houses and lands to several people in townland of Clonshanny, parish of Rahan, barony of Ballycowan, Union of Tullamore, County Offaly, in 1854, and house, land and bog to several people in townland of Castlereagh, parish of Lemanaghan, Barony of Garrycastle, Union of Parsonstown, King's Co (Offaly).

'Armstrong and Nugent' Baggot lease land to George A. Clarke in 1851 in townland of Ard, parish of Geashill, barony of Phillipstown Upper, Union of Mountmellick, C. Offaly.

John Baggot leases house, office and land from Major Charles F. Burton in 1850 in townland of Baunacloka, parish of Mungret, barony of Pubblebrien, Union of Limerick, Co. Limerick, and leases the house to William Fitzgerald. He leases other land there from Dr. Edward Burton.

Edmund Baggot leases house and land from George P. Haughton in 1851, in townland in Cloghaviller, parish of Ballinard, Barony of Smallcounty, Union of Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.

Bernard Baggot leases land to several people in 1857 in townland of Ardnanagh, parish of Roscommon, barony of Ballintober South, Union of Roscommon, Co. Roscommon.
He leases herds house, office and land from Earl of Essex in 1857 in townland of Lisnamult, parish of Roscommon, Barony of Ballintober South.

In 1854 John J. Bagot leases house, warehouse and yard in parish of St. Audoen, South Dublin, to Alex Lindsay and Co.

Dublin graveyards and prison records

Dublin graveyards

There's a website dedicated to Dublin graveyards set up by John Grennan, whose introduction we saw. It's at

I just looked up St. Audoen's since a Mark Baggot is buried there, and indeed when I looked up St. Audoen's I was sent to and I found Lady Baggot O'Neil's burial listed, and elsewhere I found that a Mark Baggot married a Lady O'Neil, so that's good.

There's one other Baggot listing for St. Audoen's which is a marriage, on 1st March 1778, of Charles O'Neil and Winnefred Baggot. Parents names are not recorded, unfortunately, but the witnesses are Mary and William 'Flinn.' Date is too late for them to be children of Mark and Mary Baggot, so maybe Winnefred is a granddaughter of Mark Baggot.

There's no Winnefred Baggot at all in
There's a will of Charles O'Neil, farmer in Ballinaclash, County Wicklow, in 1735. Could be a grandfather or father of Charles, Winnefred's husband.

Let's look at more records on findmypast.

Laurence Baggot, aged 30, was jailed for 48 hours for drunkenness! 3rd Sept 1883. Lived on James's St and Francis St in Dublin, Catholic, hard to read his occupation - looks like 'shoman' but is sort of erased and written over. Aww, poor man, arrested on 26 Feb 1889 for vagrancy, listed as a labourer, living on Cuffe Street. Well, that's all around here! Now 36, that's right, he's the same man then.

Harriet Bagot, 26 years old, b. 1874, arrested 14 May 1900, for 'do' whatever that is, imprisoned for 7 days and paid fine, of Ballybough Road, next of kin is husband Leo Baggot. Her trade is 'nil.'

William Benjamin Bagot of Cork, residing in Balinscollig with his wife Ellen, committed to prison 14 Oct 1875, 27 years old, Cabinet/smg/solider. I can't read where he is born.

Patrick Bagot, born on a farm near Castlerea, jailed in Castlebar, Mayo, farmer, is jailed for bigamy in 1881, born 1851! He's a tailor. Hard to see where he lives, looks like Glenstewart. Alias Clancy! Sentenced to trial at assizes on 8 Nov 1881.
Also a Patrick Baggot in Leitrim has something in 1881.

Michael Baggot, born 1798, is in 1852 in Clonmel, Tipperary, jailed for stealing a donkey. Jailed for larceny for 2 months in 1852.

Michael Baggot, of Ballingarry, Limerick, a shoemaker, assaulted a policeman. Born 1845. Jailed for 7 days.

Patrick Baggot jailed for 3 months for indecent assault, previously tried for assault. Cork, 1889. Yuck!!
In 1899 a Patrick Baggot, of Ballingarry County Limerick, born 1867,  indecently assaulted and stabbed Annie Power and assaulted John Tobin. Sent to assizes.

Edmond Baggot, a labourer, of Herbertstown, Limerick, aged 33, born 1841, jailed for a few days for grievious assault.

Gustus Baggot, a single farmer, born in and living in Douglas, Cork, at aged 29, released, but it does not say for what crime. Daniel Baggot of no listed trade, of Douglas, Cork, has a wife Hannah, and is in jail 1874, born 1839.
Oh, Gustus Baggot assaults and threatens John Baggot (is this the same one married to Ellen Baggot who threatened to kill him?), in Cork prison, born 1842, committed in 1871(yes, as above, when aged 29).

Thomas Baggot of Limerick, prisoner due to assault, born 1874, imprisoned 1894. From Herbertstown, a labourer. Jailed for one month.

John Baggot of Ballingarry, Limerick, a farmer, convicted of assault. Born in 1820. Looks like crime committed in 1889, so he was 70 years old! Maybe birth date incorrect. He was held for 8 days. Ah  ha, age is correct. He was with  his 22 year old son Patrick. Must the the same one as above.

Uh oh, Patrick Baggot is in Tralee prison, Kerry, in 1899 for indecent assault.

Uh oh, Ellen Baggot aged 51 in Cork is imprisoned for threatening to take the life of John Baggot, given 3 months imprisonment or bail. Born 1812, in what looks like Balladuff, Cork

George Baggot stole a flannel shirt and got one month in jail in Clonmel, Tipperary. Born 1854, committed 1877.

Oh dear, my family, if they are related, are rather wild.

A different Laurence Bagot, this one born 1813, admitted to prison in 1863, is accused of deliberately shooting and killing....a cock pheasant. He's from Kildoon, Co. Kildare, and this record is from Naas. He is recorded to be a Catholic. He's a labourer, and is committed by J.E. Medlicott - so they may even be related! Jailed for 10 days.

Uh on, later date, new reocrds, from Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924.
John A.F. Baggot, 1847, Dublin
Abby Baggot, 1860, Cork
Bridget Baggot, 1852, Tipperary
Ellen Baggot, 1875, Cork
James Baggot, 1850, Galway
Laurence Baggot, 1871 Dublin
Lee Baggot, 1883, Dublin
Peter Baggot, 1867, Sligo

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I'd forgotten this website, got it mixed up with familysearch.

So, let's see if I can find more to help me.

There's a Benjamin Baggot born 1810 in Carlow to  Edward and Jane Baggot in Carlow, COI.

William Baggot married Elizabeth McEntry in Dublin (RC) St Michael and St. John Church, 12 June 1796, witnesses John Baggot and Joseph Jones.
They have a child, baptised 30 April 1797, John Baggot, in same church, with witnesses Robert McFarland and Elizabeth Baucher.
William Baggot and Elizabeth "McNally" (maybe typo of above) baptise Daniel Baggot, same church, 17 June 1799, witnesses Charles McNally and Henesy.

Patrick Baggot was baptised in St. Mary's ProCathedral (RC), in Dublin, 15 August 1802. son of John and Margaret Baggot, witnesses Stephen Gonne and Anne Farrell.

William Baggot and Elizabeth "McKenny" baptise William Baggot 13 May 1804, same church, witnesses James Woologhan and Mary Brennan.

Michael and Margaret Baggot of Stafford St, Dublin baptise child Eliza Baggot, in St Mary's ProCathedral (RC), Dublin, 6 Oct 1823, witnesses Thomas Branagan and Catherine Riley.

10th July 1825, William Baggot is baptised in St Michael and John RC church, Dublin, son of John Baggot and Mary Sherry, witnesses Dan Baggot and Mary Lynch.
John Baggot and Mary Sherry next baptise baby John Baggot, 17 Feb 1830, in St John and Michael RC church, Dublin, witnesses William Baggot and Mary Whiteside.

John and Mary Baggot baptise daughter Susan Baggot in St Audoen RC church, Dublin, 17 Sept 1838, witnesses James McLoughlin and Mary Bolland.

Baptism of James Baggot, 2nd March 1840, doesn't say who parents are, St. Peter's COI, Dublin. Likewise Elizabeth Baggot, 14 March 1844.

Daniel Baggot marries Margaret Lynam, in St Nicholas RC church, Dublin, on19 July 1843, with witnesses William and Elizabeth Baggot.
Daniel Baggot and his wife Margaret Lynam have a baby Elizabeth, baptised 26 April 1844 in St. Nicholas RC church, Dublin, and witness is William Baggot. They later baptise their son Francis,  in same church, on 3 Oct 1849, with witness Francis Hynes.

Laurence Baggot, son of John Baggot and Mary Connor, is baptised in St Nicholas RC Church, Dublin, on 27 June 1851, witnesses Michael Connor and Sarah Nolan.

Marriage of Patrick Baggot, of 109 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin, son of Patrick Baggot and Ellen Baggot, marries Emily Sherlock, daughter of Robert and Catherine Sherlock, on 24 Feb 1868, in St Mary's Procathedral (RC), Dublin, witnesses Patrick Moran and Catherine Murphy.
They baptise son Patrick Joseph Baggot in 1869, in Chapelizod RC church, Dublin, with witnesses Patrick Buckley and Catherine Brady, and reside at Kings House, Chapelizod. In 1870 they baptise Robert Gabriel Baggot, witnesses John McFadden and Rose Caffrey of 68 Prussia St.

Andrews, Johns, Marks

Andrews, Johns, Marks

I have so many Bagots confused at this stage. There's an Andrew H. I have in my tree, I think, so I assumed Andrew Herbert, but there's a different Andrew Herbert listed on

So let me write down what I can find out of this Andrew Herbert Bagot. He is son of Andrew George Bagot and Charlotte Anne Keay Bagot, born 9 January 1876. He has a brother Melville Keay Bagot born 7 Jan 1878 and sister Mary Anne Bagot born 30 Jan 1880, all born in Dublin.

There's an Andrew George Bagot who dies in Dublin South in the registration period Oct-Dec 1924 at the age of 71, estimated birth year 1853. This could be the Andrew George above. So who is his father?

A daughter of an Andrew Bagot, Fanny Sophia Bagot, marries in Dublin on 16th July 1863 to Charles James Martin.

The Andrew H. Bagot I have in my tree is the father of John Milo Bagot who marries Charlotte Creighton on 24th April 1865 in Carlow. Her father is Richard Howe Creighton.

An Andrew Herbert Bagot dies in 1868 in Rathdown, I think that's Dublin, aged 50, estimated birth year 1818. So that's a different Andrew Herbert Bagot than the son of Andrew George Bagot! It could be the Andrew H. Bagot father of John Milo Bagot though.

Aha, the Andrew H. Bagot, must be the one above, son of Andrew George Bagot, as he is listed as born in 1876, dies in Dublin North in registration period April to June 1954 at the age of 78.

More good info: an Andrew George Bagot marries in Baltinglass in 1874. Is that in County Wicklow? Yes, a Charlotte Anne Keay also marries in Baltinglas in 1874, so that's them, the parents of Andrew Herbert Bagot. lists an Andrew Baggott born in 1876 in Limerick! Hmm. And also Andrew Bagot born in Limerick in 1837 and 1840.  It also lists an Andrew Baggott who marries in 1879 in Limerick. And Andrew Baggott dies in Limerick in 1877 and another in 1905. It must be the 1905 dead one who is in the Limerick census in 1901 (I can look that up in the census).

Ah good, and now this site lists the Griffith Evaluation Andrew Bagots. This will be helpful, because it's these facts I have on my chart, which I probably have incorrect as I have an Andrew H living for a long, long time! The Andrew Bagots in the Griffith Evaluation are all in Dublin. There is Andrew Bagot listed and an Andrew H. Bagot listed, so these may or may not be different people! I shall put them here as listed:
Andrew Bagot, Drury Lane, parish of St. Bridget's. Royal Exchange Ward.
Andrew H. Bagot of William Street, parish of St Bridget's, Royal Exchange Ward
Andrew H. Bagot of Gloucester Street South, parish of St. Mark's, Trinity Ward.

I know the William Street site is Bagot and Huttons merchants.

That's all the Andrew Bagots listed on irishroots and on familysearch.

What about on ? One is in the William Smith O'Brien petition - I must ask Stephen again when that was. Ah ha, the Griffith Evaluations on this are more detailed, and have a few more entries for Andrew Bagot!
The Andrew Bagot Drury Lane entry is from 1854.
There's an Andrew Bagot in Rathmines East in 1847, parish of St. Peter. I think this is the same Andrew Bagot and that this is his residence.
And now here is something new to me! There's an Andrew Baggot in 1849 listed as in Sandymount, parish of Donnybrook! Address is listed as 9 and 10 New Road and he is the owner but the houses are unoccupied. Oh, the Rathmines address lists Andrew Bagot as occupier, leasing from Mrs. Maria Connor.
Oh, and 17 Gloucester Street is a cider store leased to John and Andrew H.Bagot, owned by Alicia Fegan.
26 and 27 Drury Lane is leased to John and Andrew Bagot by Maria Collier, as stores, and valued along with the property on William Street.
So they are indeed the same Andrew (H.) Bagot.

This site also has "landed estates/court rentals" listed.
In 1871 Andrew Bagot, in King's County (Offaly), the entry says "These lands are held under lease, dated 23rd April 1791, from Charles Bagot and Milo Bagot to John Mulock, for the life and lives of Andrew Bagot, Charles Bagot and Milo Bagot, and the survivors of them... The premises are thereby described as "all the lands of Kilnabin, situate in The Barony of Kilcoursey and King's County, bounded on the north partly by the River Brosna, and partly by holding of the Rev. Charles Emilius Bagot, on the south by the bog and lands of Ballinough, on the east by lands of Kilmuckland, and on the west partly by the public road leading from the town of Tullamore to the town of Clara, and partly by the holdings of said Charles Emilius Bagot, his heirs and assigns...By indenture of renewal, dated 26 April 1836, John Armstrong and Charles Bagot, in whom the lessor's interest in said lease was vested,.. did add and insert to the term and time of said demise the lives of said Arther Hill Griffith, Catherine Dickenson, and the present Queen Victoria. All said lives are still in being." [I have paraphrased somewhat to ease typing].

I don't quite understand that, but let's look at the names and see if I can work out who is who. It's very confusing now, looking at my chart, as I have a Charles Bagot born 1704 of Ard, Newtown and Kilcoursey, Offaly, who is the son of Milo Bagot of Ard and Kilcoursey (b. 1660, d. 1739, marries Margaret Armstrong - ah, there's a help!). This Charles marries Temperence Brown, and has sons Milo,  Daniel and Andrew. I have dated this Milo as b. 1740 and dies 1770 - that's before the lease! Maybe I'm incorrect in Milo's dates.
Milo Bagot b. 1660, I have listed as well as having son Charles, has sons John and Michael. Now it gets confusing, as John (1702-1760, marries Mary Herbert) has sons Milo (1730-1766), William (1732-1804), Charles (1735-?), Thomas (1741-?) and John Lloyd (1743-1818).
Fortunately, to save confusion, I have no record of any children for Michael!
Charles Bagot b. 1704's son Daniel (abt. 1741-1785), I have recorded as having sons Andrew H., Daniel, Milo and Charles Emilius(1769-1802). These could be the "Andrew, Charles and Milo" listed on the lease though I don't know why poor Daniel is left out!

But that's as far as I'll speculate for now. I must see if I can find out more about all these people.

Hmm, I plugged in Milo Bagot - no records for him on rootsireland. For Charles Bagot, there's a gravestone incription for 1861 in Count Offaly but I don't have any Charles Bagot dying that year! I have one dying in 1864, in Dublin!

Oh, that's interesting to know, from Griffith evaluation, that Kilcoursey is in the parish of Kilbride. I can pursue this by looking up church records in Churchtown, assuming these Bagots are Church of Ireland!

I told myself I could spend an hour on genealogy today but now it has been exactly two hours. Must go!

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William Smith O'Brien petition

William Smith O'Brien petition

8 Bag(g)ots signed the William Smith O'Brien petition, according to the findmypast website. The signatories are all listed as in Dublin:

James John Bagot
John Baggot
Peter Baggott
Adelphe de Bagot
John Bagot
Andrew H. Bagot
Adolphus Bagot

There's a PJ Bagot in Gracepark House, Fairview, mentioned in a directory of Dublin, 1884. Not sure who that is.

John Bagot, 1868, Hon. Secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Dublin. He was also the John Bagot in Bagot and Hutton, and resident of Sandon, Castle Avenue, Clontarf.

I think I have to separate two Daniel Bagots - I have one as Daniel Walter Wagstaffe, Dean of Dromore and Newry, around 1850, and Daniel Bagot born and died in Kilcoursey House, Clara, County Offaly. At the moment I have them as one person. Now I don't know which facts belong to which!

There was a Ledwidge and Baggot, 1868, pram makers! 109 Gardiner Street Lower. Odd, since a fortune teller once told me that prams are lucky for me!

There's an Andrew George Bagot. Esq. in 1884 in 26 Garville Avenue, Rathgar.

Stephen just sent me a link to this website:

I plugged in 'Baggot' and found a Daniel Baggot on electoral register in County Down in 1837. None of the Daniel Baggots whom I have on my chart so far live in Down at that date - or are even alive, I think, in that year.

Ah ha, I paid to register to see records, and realised it's Reverend Daniel Walter Wagstaffe of Newry - yes, I have him on my chart of Bagots. Oh hang on, I have him born in 1844, later than the record. Hmmm.

Also a John Baggott registered elector in Killeenreendowny, Cork, 1838, listed as a farmer. I don't have him in my family chart.

Henry Baggott, eldest son of Thomas Baggot, Merchants Quay, Limerick, died March, 1828

"George William" Baggot of Castle Bagot (is this really Gerald William) died Aug 27, 1818, according to Leinster Journal

William Baggot son of F. Baggot died in March 30,1859, of Ballygorman, County Tipperary, according to King's County Chronicle.

Elizabeth Bagot of Fontstown Glebe, County Kildare, died in 1841. I have Bagots of Fontstown but looking at dates don't have an Elizabeth who died then. May find her on my chart...

There's an Eliza Jane Bagot, relict of late Andrew Bagot Esq, of 88 Harcourt Street, Dublin, dies May 26 1851, aged 71. I do have an Elizabeth Shaw married to an Andrew Bagot but I have gathered facts which I attributed to him later than 1851 - I have him as an owner in Bagot and Hutton. There's definitely an Andrew Bagot there. I have Andrew Bigoe Bagot alive around this date, I don't have him recorded as married to anyone. So she may fit in somewhere...

A Sophia Frances, daughter of the late Daniel Bagot, dies in Dublin, 10th July 1846. I don't have a daughter Sophia Frances to a Daniel, but maybe I need to add her. Not sure which Daniel though!

Robert Bagot dies 1613 in Dublin, a merchant of Drogheda.

"Miles" Bagot of Clara, Co. Offaly, dies just 21 years old, in 1831.

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first discovery

first discovery

The first article I found when I started looking into genealogy was "The Bagots of Nurney" by Charles M. Drury. My Dad had told me we are of "the Bagots of Nurney" so I was excited when I found that there is an article of that name in the National Library of Ireland.

I was even more excited to find that the article was accompanied by a huge family tree that went back to 1540!

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Visit to the National Archives

Visit to the National Archives

Last week my father and I went to the National archives to see if we could find a will for the Mark Baggot who owned a lot of land in Carlow. I hoped that by finding a will, I could see if he had a wife and children.

When I get to an archive, however, I find it impossible to limit myself to just one search and I search like a chicken with its head cut off.

The woman who gave Daddy his identity card suggested we look in the Betham's abstracts of, as the leaflet "National Archives Ireland, Sources for Family and Local History, October 2010" describes,"wills proved in the Prerogative Court before 1800, of administrations granted in the Prerogative Court before 1802, and of wills proved in the Kildare Diocesan Court before 1827 (indexed in Vicar's Index, the Indexes of Dublin Grants, and the "Index to Wills of the Diocese of Kildare" reprinted from the
Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society, (iv, no. 6, 1905)). Also an index to Tuam wills from 1652-1809."

The two dates I have for potentially two Mark Baggots are 1718 and 1690, if the one who was sentenced to be hung in Dublin was actually hung (in which case the Mark who goes on to own property in Carlow after this date is obviously not the same Mark. If his hanging was commuted, as one source claims, then it could be the same Mark who had been condemned to death, who later went on to own property in Carlow).

The Betham records are on microfiche, by date and letter of surname. I like this, when you can look up surnames directly! So we aimed for the 1718 Mark Baggot will.

Betham was more interested in genealogy than wills so his abstracts mainly list family members. That suits me!

The microfiche we obtained had all of the 1700-1799 'B' records (cabinet 19, drawer 1). So we couldn't resist looking through the B's from the beginning. We didn't find any Bag(g)ots in the first volume, and it took a long time seaching for 'Bagot' on every page. So we skipped ahead to volume 4, to find Mark in the 1715-1740 section.

And we found him! I don't understand the dates the Betham lists as it cannot be birth and death date as they are too close together. This listed 5 Feb 1705/6 and 7th Feb 1718, for Mark Bagot of Dublin. It told us he had a son John, and a second son Matthew, and a daughter Mary and another, Teresa. His wife's name, it told us, was Lady Mary O'Neill.

Well this is wonderful information, which I did not have previously!!

When I'd previously guessed which Mark on the charted Bagot family tree must be this Mark, I'd chosen a Mark son of a John, since the information I found in Carlow library says Mark who owned land in Carlow was son of John who previously owned the land in Carlow. But the Mark I have in this tree is married to a different wife, according to guesses I'd made previously. I must stop putting guesses onto this tree, and one by one, I will erase them and make notes in this blog instead!

I shall now record other information I found in the Betham's Abstracts. We discovered that later volumes on the microfiche had indexes of names at beginning and ends of the volumes! So we went through the rest of the volumes on the microfiche to find Bag/got information. Turns out it was all 'Bagot' information.

In Volume 5 p. 19, we found another Mark Bagot, this one of Newtown O'More in County Kildare, Esq. Dates listed were 2 July 1756-26 July 1769. His wife is Ann and son John B. On the next page there was something illegible, perhaps 'brother' but I don't think that could be right, as it listed Sir Walter Wagstaffe Bagot of Blithfield, Staffordshire. Next line it mentions that Mark has a sister named Catherine.
I guess I should be open to the possibility that he is a brother of the Bagot of Blithfield. I know one reference says the John Bagot who buys Castle Bagot in Rathcoole is related to Mark Bagot of Newtown O'More - or at least I think it says that - again, must check and record my sources!!!

Volume 6 p.30 is about John Bagot of Ard, it said in this reference that Ard is in King's County. The dates are 16 May 1760-7 June 1760. His wife is Mary. They have sons Milo, William, Charles, John and William (the first must have died), and a daughter Mary.

Volume 7, p. 122:
Catherine, daughter of John Bagot of Newtown, in Kildare, Esq. 11 Aug 1783-7 Dec 1786. She has a cousin William Cook of Painstown, sister Anne Bagot, and nephew John Bagot of Kilmactalway. She has a niece Mary Bagot and nephew William Gerald Bagot, and niece Frances Bagot. She has a nephew Mark Thomas, only son of 'xxx' brother Thomas/ and his son Thomas. It then mentions something illegible like 'br' then nieces Mary and Frances daughter of John Bagot of Kilmactalway.

I have a hard time making sense of this entry since nieces listed are Mary and Frances, and John Bagot of Kilmactalway is her nephew, and yet he has daughters Mary and Frances. Is the first mention of niece not quite strict, meaning that John Bagot's daughters are the nieces first listed? Or were there two sets of Marys and Franceses? Both are possible.
It is a pity the scrawl before 'brother Thomas' is illegible. It looks like "my brother." Is Thomas Catherine's brother? I don't think we should be sure of this. She must have some brothers and sisters though if she has nieces and nephews! But for now, let's keep to known facts. I was hugely excited to come across listings for Kilmactalway Bagots.

Must interrupt myself to go do some exercise! Time constraints drive me crazy...

tidying files

tidying files

I have totally messed up the family tree I've been drawing up by putting in guesses. I think I need to go back to basics. Also, for the first year or so of my genealogy research, I didn't note references or source information. I would like to remedy that, so that I can make sure to stick to facts and not to conjecture, and to pinpoint where guesses were made.

It will also help this blog, to start from the beginning! To enter what facts I do have.

I have a second cousin who was interested in the family tree, Eddie Kennedy, who lives in Carlow. His family gave me a copy of the family three they drew out for him as a gift.

I don't know if you can read this but it has my ancestors - Eddie's mother is Elizabeth Baggot. Her parents are Julia Curry and Michael Baggot. These are my great-grandparents. My Grandfather. John Baggot, was Elizabeth Baggot's brother. The tree goes back one more generation, to show that Michael Baggot's father was Hugh Baggot and his wife Harriet Kavanagh. With all my research, I have not been able to trace back further than this so far. I had not thought, yet, to see if I could find any clues by looking at Julia Curry and where she comes from. Her parents are James Curry and Bridget Kavanagh, I see. If I research Julia Curry I could work out where Michael Baggot and Julia got married, which may help to pinpoint where Hugh Baggot was living at the time. Maybe I can find witnesses, maybe one of Michael's brothers was a witness. I don't know anything about Michael's three brothers beyond their baptismal dates! I found those online as someone has put up Arles parish records, dates of baptisms. 'Googling' Hugh Baggot I found those Arles records, and found that he had four sons baptised in Arles in County Laois. I was amazed to find that this meant that Baggots had been in Laois before my Grandfather John Baggot moved to County Laois to set up business in Abbeyleix, my father's birthplace, and the place which until my 20's was the one constant stable location in my life.

Eddie Kennedy had some more notes to give me. It gives some marriage and birth dates.
1843 Hugh Baggot m. Harriet Kavanagh
They had twins Michael and John, b. 1844
and twins Hugh and James, b. 1846.

1875 Michael Baggot m. Julia Curry
Harriot b. 1877
Hugh b. 1879
James b.1882
Elizabeth b. 1885
Brigid b. 1877
John b. 1892

1912 James Baggot m. Mai Flynn
Patricia b. 1913
Lillian b. 1915
Michael b.1917
Eileen b. 1918
Hugh Anthony b. 1920

1915 Harriot Baggot m. Patrick Baggot
Patrick Anthony b. 1918

1919 Brigid Baggot m. Michael Fagan
John b. 1921
Laurence b. 1923
Michael b. 1924
Mary b. 1926
Sheila b. 1928
Patrick b. 1929

1920 John Baggot m. Statia Maher
Julia b. 1920
Michael b. 1922
Anthony b. 1927
Noni b. 1030
Desmond b. 1939

1922 Elizabeth Baggot m. John Kennedy
Edward b.1923
Michael b. 1924
Elizabeth b. 1925
James . 1927
John b. 1931

Well, that's a very helpful start, isn't it! And Eddie also told me there are foundations of a house that belonged to Baggots when Mount Wollesley hotel now stands (or across the road?). That is where, I have worked out, a John Bagot owned, and tried to pass to his son Mark, but Mark went to court to gain it back but was unable to gain it back. But how are we related to that John and Mark of Mount Wollsley, formerly named Mount Arran?

I have been trying to research this John Baggot and Mark Baggot of Mount Arran. I found out a lot about them when I visited the library in Carlow. More recently, my Dad and I went to the National Archives, as I wanted to find the will of Mark Baggot. Notes I found in Carlow (I think it's where I got this information but I'll find out for sure when I look back through my notebooks), say that Mark Bagot's land in Carlow ultimately passed down to James John of Kilmactalway - that's the James John Bagot who lived in Castle Bagot, which I have visited, in Rathcoole. It would be very exciting to find that we are indeed linked to Castle Bagot of Rathcoole.

I'll start a new blog entry to describe what my Dad and I found in the National Archives.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waterford roots

Waterford roots

I just received an email from Irish Family History Foundation to say that they have Wexford church records on file now. I typed in a search for Baggot and found 42 baptisms!!

That's interesting as I'd been told (by someone in my family, not sure whom) that my grandfather, John Baggot, was from Wexford, even though I have him as being born in Carlow. Let's look at the records...

There's a Walter Baggot bapstised in 1787. Oh! There I go again, confusing Waterford and Wexford. These are WATERFORD files ( WELL! Didn't know we'd so many Baggots in Waterford.

Anyway, I don't have a Walter born in that year, though I am confused in my Walters, so that's interesting.

There's a Francis Baggot in 1817, and I know I'm missing some Francis's.

There's a John Bagot in 1824, but my Grandpa was born in 1892.

Well, I can't find anything helpful. Bewildering, though. Maybe all the Irish Baggots don't link up after all. ARGH! Maybe I'm not related to all those interesting Bagots I've been researching....

I hope to go to the Registry of Deeds soon again, and also to the National Archives to look up wills. Still trying to follow up the landowners Mark and John Baggot in Carlow, to see if they have other sons.

Eliza Baggot b. 1864 Waterford dies 1866 registered in Waterford.